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Calling Hours:  9am - 6pm

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 5pm-9pm
Friday Closed
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Saturday 11-1pm
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Every year, RUFF Academy works with local animal groups and raise money for these groups through the production of these calendars,  This year, we are raising money for White Paws German Shepherd Rescue, the 
Fire Departments of Sheboygan Falls & Adell Fire Department along with PURR-Fect MAtch Animal Rescue and CARE Dog Coalition! Your support means money for vet care, foster care and goes toward the volunteer Firefighters! Calendars are $20 can be sent with postqge fees or picked up at local businesses! 
Fireman's Calendar
Pin Up Calendar
  1. Positive Dog Training
    Reward and management based training is the most effective and easiest approach to teaching your dog and ensuring they are eager to play the training game.
  2. Talented Team
    Our team has education and experience in the field of animal behavior, with a primary focus on companion dogs. All adhere to a dog and people friendly approach.
  3. Services
    Offering private lessons, group classes, play groups, and individually tailored supportive services. We are a support system to help you along your journey.
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