Ruff Academy Dog Training Sheboygan Wisconsin

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Calling Hours:  9am - 6pm

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 5pm-9pm
Friday Closed
Saturday & Sunday
Saturday 11-1pm
Sunday Closed

What is Ruff Academy?

7 Commands All Dogs Should Know

  What we offer:
- Elite Academy - Obedience fast track course.
- Obedience Class for help with bacis manners and commands.
- Agility Classes for high energy and active dogs.
- Puppy Playhouse Classes for happy-go-lucky puppies between 10 wks-5months!
- Social Events through A Dogs Life Social Club!
- Pack Walks in the community!
- Canine Good Citizen Testing  & Pet Therapy Certification!
-Deaf Dog training!
-Training with those with disabilities!
- RUFF Academy YouTube Channel for How-to videos and training! 
-Mentorship Program at North High School for students to learn responsibility and training! 
-Book IT With Rover Reading Program!

Education overall on how to encourage great behavior with your dog! 

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