Ruff Academy Dog Training Sheboygan Wisconsin

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Calling Hours:  9am - 6pm

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 5pm-9pm
Friday Closed
Saturday & Sunday
Saturday 11-1pm
Sunday Closed

 Meet Our Team! 

Megan Tershner
Amanda Mondloch
Rebekah Hintzman
Assistant Trainer
Behavioral work w/ The RUFF Dog Project
Intern Trainer
New to the RUFF TEAM
Owner RUFF Academy, 
Lead Trainer,  Behavioral Work, Dog Empath
My name is Amanda, I'm a dog lovin, coffee drinkin, saved by grace kinda girl. I am the oldest of 7 children and have had the privilege of visiting and living in some amazing places. Some on list are Ireland, Colorado and Australia, but Wisconsin is my home and I'm proud to be a Cheese Head.

I have loved dogs all my life and have been blessed to have had some very special ones I've gotten to call my own. My Labradoodle Oakley is pretty much the love of my life. I am so excited to be apart of the RUFF Community and feel so honored to work with such a great team!
Hi. I'm Megan. I have worked with Rebekah on many projects including Hyper Tails, A Dog's Life Social Club, and RUFF Academy. I have three dogs of my own.
Willow, a English Springer Spanie
Missy, a Red Nose Pitbull
Dragon, American Staford Terrior
Molly has gone through many classes and is now used as a demo dog for RUFF classes and we also use her for rehabilitating dogs in private sessions. 

I have always wanted to work with animals my whole life but it wasn't until I started classes with Rebekah that I realized dog training was what I loved to do!
RUFF dog started at our local shelter. We started going there and walking the dogs that others were afraid to. What I learned working with those dogs in such a stressed out situation was priceless. I learned so much about dog behavior and how to handle a stressed out dog safely. 
Rebekah has been around dogs, loves dogs and is an active dog enthusiast ever since she was a child.
She owns two hyperactive Weimeraners,
Romeo and Juliet.  
Her journey began with establishing a love of dogs with a family run Dog Care Service(Sumac Dog Care Service) where the family would dog sit when owners went out of town on vacation.  She then trained under a mentor by the name Martha Stewart(not THE Martha Stewart lol,) and became a professional dog groomer.  She went on to have her own Dog Grooming Business.  She has managed two German Shepherd Boarding and Breeding Kennels (German and American line,) and was an Adoption Counselor for 2 years for the Dunn County Humane Society in Menomonie, WI.  She went on to continue her education in dog training and worked as a dog trainer at corporations such as Petco and Petsmart.  She left her 7 year dog training career as an Accredited Area Pet Trainer at Petsmart to start RUFF Academy Real Life Dog Training.  She is the President of Hyper Tails Agility Club(non-profit) and is the Founder for A Dogs Life Social Club, Founder for Relax With Rover Program.  She has also volunteered as an Agility Instructor for the 4-H Sheboygan County Dog Project for 2 years.  She had a White German Shepherd, Sam, that she enjoyed a 7 year Pet Therapy and Demonstration Dog career. She now has 2 Weimeraners, Romeo and Juliet that partake in multple activites. Romeo loves agility and Juliet is her socialite that accompanies her to social events such as the Tiki Bar and other Yappy Hour events.  
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